Guilty! Guilty! And: Guilty! The Final Verdict of the Federal City Hall Corruption Trial.

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Hey, Don Hill, how many verdicts left to come down in the City Hall corruption trial?
[Update at 10:23 a.m.: The judge's office sends word that Ron Slovacek was found guilty on all three counts of the superseding indictment -- counts 10, 12 and 19, to be specific. More details to come.]

The staff's all tied up at present, which means no one's able to head down to the Earle Cabell, where, at long last, a jury is about to hand down the verdict in Ron Slovacek's trial. It started three weeks ago; the jury's had it for a week. Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn's office just sent word: The verdict's in! Alas, we'll have to wait a few moments to see whether the jury believed the home builder was but a pawn in Don Hill and D'Angelo Lee's game or knew what he was doing when he kicked back in bed with the guilty parties.

We'll update this item soon. But this will officially mark the end of the federal Dallas City Hall corruption trial. I feel like we should have made a retrospective video set to Green Day or something. Instead, we'll just make do with this photo.

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