For Those Wondering If Kyle Killen Ever Found a New Home for the Late, Great Lone Star ...

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Hal Samples
Jon Voight and the cast of Lone Star at the Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite, serving as a set during a summer shoot
Not a week goes by that a Friend of Unfair Park doesn't ask: Is Lone Star coming back? It's a fair enough question. After all, back in September, the day after FOX killed the series a mere two episodes into its critically acclaimed run, creator Kyle Killen told Unfair Park he was "open to and exploring other options and potentially other homes for the show," about a con man leading double lives in Midland and Houston (though the series was shot in Dallas). The thought was, perhaps FX or DirecTV (which picked up NBC's Friday Night Lights after its initial cancellation) or some other cable outlet could run the four unaired episodes, at least.

Said Killen in September, "We'll have to see." And that was the last anyone heard on the subject of what Texas Monthly's Chris Kelly recently called "the next great Texas-based TV series that never was." Which is why folks wondered about its return.

Last night, I sent Killen a note asking him what happened. The Austin resident replied thusly, offering, sadly, what appears to be The Last Word on the subject:
We tried really hard to find it a new home, but in the end it just wasn't possible. So, Lone Star is really, truly, officially over.

Although I'm considering resurrecting it as a crudely drawn web comic. Stick figure bigamy. I think that's what America's been waiting for. And if having a show canceled after two episodes teaches you anything, it's that you've really got your finger on the pulse of what America wants.

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