Dallas, In Red and Blue

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As I wrote last night, Dallas County's new elections website is a marked improvement over versions past -- from precinct maps to mail-ins breakdowns, it contains all the details a wonk could want. So, then. After the jump a few of the more relevant color-by-numbers, including looks at the Rick Perry-Bill White numbers; the Eddie Bernice Johnson-Stephen Broden race, and those involving the Dallas County District Attorney and Dallas County Judge. (Also, a look at how Dallas voted on the beer-and-wine issue.) But we begin with the one at left: a breakdown of straight-ticket votes, with 152,377 going Dem (in blue, natch) and 132,079 casting for the GOP. Also: 1,372 were straight-ticket Libertarians; 350, all-Green.

The blue represents Eddie Bernice Johnson, who received 86,195 votes. The red is Stephen Broden, who got 24,599.

Blue here represents Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White, who received 233,866 in the county. The victorious Rick Perry, in red, took home 180,247 in Dallas County. The brown, incidentally, represents a tie.

Craig Watkins's 208,222 votes are represented in blue; Danny Clancy's 202,974, red.

Clay Jenkins, the Democrat running for Dallas County Judge, captured the 201,527 seen here in blue. Wade Emmert's red represents 190,586. Hard to tell here, but Libertarian Debra Carlson's 14,328 votes are in purple.

And, last but not least, this is how the vote went on Proposition 1, which allows the offpremise sale of beer and wine citywide. The aqua represents those for: 119,796. The fuchsia, those against: 62,937.

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