Can I Get a Standing Wave For the Three-Day Opening of the Calatrava In October 2011?

Andrea's headed back from Dallas City Hall, where she stopped by the 21st Century City Shindig to katch some Kotkin. But before she left, she caught City Manager Mary Suhm's noontime announcements concerning big doings down on the Trinity. This is what Andrea just posted in the comments:

"I really enjoyed this kind of session," says Suhm. "I do want to take the opportunity to get you to mark your calendars."

"This spring we will be opening the Standing Wave," says Suhm. "If you haven't got a kayak now, go get it." Ask for it for Christmas, she says.

Hold 14, 15, 16 of October 2011 for the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. "Anything that significant is going to take three days of celebration."


I am underwhelmed. Are you? Should I not be? Help?

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