That's the Way T-Shirts Go, Redux: The Other Great Ron Washington Fashion Statement

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Last week we bought a few of the fellas' Ron Washington tees. And, despite rumors and reports to the contrary, the Texas Rangers have not officially commissioned anyone to do a "That's the Way Baseball Go" tee. Says spokesman John Blake via e-mail, "This is actually an unlicensed product."

Which hasn't stopped a friend of a co-worker from making the tee seen above, which was a big hit at the Ballpark Friday night. Not many were made, for obvious reasons, but those that were are going, going ... gone. Almost. I have one. Schutze has one. No, two. Not making that up. Apparently, we are all Ron Washington.

This just in from the makers:
"We wanted to keep it unique and exclusive. We based the design on the Johnny Cash and Miles Davis shirts. For us Ron embodies that kind of classic cool. We sold out in a few hours. We even sold some to a few players. What can I say? Everyone loves the old school brotha."

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