Sports Agent Jordan Woy Files Suit, Demands Ex-NFL'er-Turned-Agent Show Him His Money

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Willis & Woy Sports Group
Jordan Woy
Agent Jordan Woy, who's done deals with some 400 athletes (from Ray Crockett to Flozell Adams to Jason Witten) over a 20-plus-year career, is a powerful guy -- so much so, at least, he's found a permanent spot on Richie's annual breakdown of the 50 most powerful players on the local sports scene. I bring him up this morning because Courthouse News has a lawsuit Woy filed in Dallas County District Court last week -- one in which Woy claims a former client, brief Bengal Horace Smith, turned a sports-agent apprenticeship into an actual job with Woy's agency into an opportunity to "borrow" $350,000 from the agency for his own personal use.

Says the suit, beginning in February, Smith "borrowed monies supposedly on behalf of three [NFL] players" repped by Willis & Woy Sports Group. Only, instead of doling out the dough to the athletes, Smith and his wife wire-transferred the funds to a brokerage account, which they then tapped themselves. The suit alleges that Smith and his wife made "unauthorized and extravagant expenditures" using the agency's money. Then, there's The Case of the Missing Rental Car. And on top of that, Woy's worried about Smith exposing "trade secrets" taught during his apprenticeship, because Woy says he's learned Smith is going after clients and looking for office space. It's like the Bizarro Jerry Maguire.

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