Kimball High School Students Get Schooled By Common, Dorrough at World's Best Pep Rally

JROTC improv dance off 1.jpg
Photos by Danny Fulgencio
At Kimball Friday afternoon, a pep rally with Common, at right, turned into a improved dance, dance revolution.
On Friday, our own Danny Fulgencio was at Justin Kimball High School for what he reports was: Best. Pep. Rally. Ever. The reason: The Knights received a surprise visit from actor-activist-and-oh-right-rapper Common, Freedman-fave Dorrough and MTVeejay Sway as part of the nationwide Get Schooled Challenge intended to keep kids in school while getting their folks more involved. Said Common, the son of a teacher, "It's time for you to step up to a higher level."

Reports Danny, whose photos follow in advance of a more complete slide show, more than 800 students filled the Kimball auditorium Friday afternoon; they had no idea why (or who) beforehand. Inspirational speeches, improv dancing and one "Ice Cream Paint Job" later, it was, reports Danny, "far cooler than any pep rally I ever attended." Danny's notes:
  • DJ ASAP warms up the crowd as students file into the auditorium. It's very loud hip-hop you couldn't help but bob your head to.
  • Sway MCs the event, encouraging students to stay in school.
  • Common steps on the stage after some build-up. The crowd goes nuts.
  • Common kicks a killer freestyle session about Dallas and Oak Cliff. The crowd goes nuts.
  • Dorrough steps on stage after some build-up. The crowd goes nuts.
  • Common, Dorrough and Sway field questions on education from students.
  • Common raps for the students, they go nuts. Common invites students to come dance on stage.
  • Dorrough raps for the students -- you guessed it, they go nuts.

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Dorrough 1.jpg

Sway Calloway of MTV 1.jpg
And MTV's Sway Calloway

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