Advertising Patches on Major-League Sports Unis? Count On it, Says Mark Cuban.

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It's been a question since forever: When oh when will the National Basketball Association or National Football Leaguer NFL start selling ad space on their team unis? Because, c'mon, the Euros do it and make millions. The WNBA does it. Some Major League Soccer teams do it. Why not everyone else? To which Dallas Mavs-man Mark Cuban responds in a very lengthy, just-posted AdvertisingAge piece on that subject: "It's definitely on the horizon. I think it's more an issue of 'how much' rather than 'if.'" As in, adds Cuban: "Find me a multi-year deal at $10 million or more per year and I will make it happen."

NBA officials are less certain it's inevitable. Meanwhile, MLB ain't interested (for now), while National Hockey League officials aren't commenting. Frankly, I always figured they'd be the first of The Big Four to cave.

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