Not the Cowboys. The Real Dallas Lightweights.

Heritage Auction Galleries
From time to time I kill some time perusing the Heritage Auction Galleries website -- maybe we'll find more gems like these photos. And, sure enough, this morning I stumbled across this soon-to-go-on-the-block keeper: a photo of the Dallas Lightweights taken by one G. Bannon in 1901.

This much I know about the Dallas Lightweights: The team, also known as the Dallas Football Club, dates back to 1891, was limited to players under 135 pounds and competed against the likes of the University of Texas way back when. And on January 2, 1897, the Dallas Lightweights defeated the "Fort Worth university team" by 12-0 in a "spirited and hotly fought" tussle on a muddy field attended by "quite a crowd of enthusiastic Worthians."

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