No, Silly, Glenn Beck Won't Be in Dallas Nov. 22. But He and O'Reilly Do Have December Date.

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Thanks to Roger Ebert's early-Tuesday-morning tweet ("Beck's next rally is planned for Nov. 22 in Dallas, at Dealey Plaza"), I've received more than a few e-mails from people wondering, in short: Really? No, not really. (I don't think.) But he will be in Alaska on September 11. (And the other Beck's too busy covering Yanni to make travel plans.)

And I did see this on Glenn Beck's to-do list: Beck and ex-WFAA'er Bill O'Reilly will be in Dallas -- specifically, the Music Hall at Fair Park -- on December 4 as part of their occasional, ongoing Bold & Fresh Tour. "Insiders" can start buying their tickets this morning, matter of fact. Everyone else has to wait till Friday.

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