Meet the Dallas Filmmakers, Musicians and Novelists In Need of a Kickstart

Categories: Arts
Merritt was just on Kickstarter, funding a friend's project, when she decided to peek at the Dallasites in need of dough from the "crowdsourced fund-raising service." She forwarded along this most eclectic and interesting list, among 'em: "Batman Rebuilt" co-creator Caleb Christopher needs two grand for his Batman stop-motion LEGO sequel, writer-director Coleman McClung is hoping to raise a mere $1,200 for a short film about a boy trying to survive the coming apocalypse, while writer Greg Lockwood needs a whopping $10,000 to finish his Great American Novel (hey, who doesn't?). Seems plenty of locals have had success so far, including Daniel Hart, who just a few days ago raised more than he needed to finish his record. Mazel tov.

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