League of American Bicyclists Says More and More Dallasites Want to Ride Their Bicycles

Categories: Transportation
Click to embiggen the chart that explains the reasons Dallasites hop on a bicycle.
Above, that's another page outta the Dallas Bike Plan online survey to which I referred earlier this week. This one answers the question: "What was the purpose of your last bicycle trip?" And while I'd like to find out what the other 2.3 percent did that qualifies as "other," point is: Cycling in Dallas is up. Way up. Like, by 219 percent, according to League of American Bicyclists's 2009 Bicycle Commuter Rates in U.S. 70 Largest Cities list (with a tip o' the helmet to BFOC). Says the league in its data breakdown: That's a "whopping increase"; also "surprising." As Bike Friendly Oak Cliff notes, "While Dallas still ranks low for overall ridership, we had the highest percentage increase of all the cities ranked."

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