Hop Aboard The Houston-to-Dallas High-Speed PowerPoint on Display Yesterday

Categories: Transportation
From the presentation given yesterday to Harris County officials concerning a Dallas-Houston-etc. high-speed rail line
Back to that Houston-to-Dallas bullet train for a second ...

Erik Noriega, manager of communications for the Greater Houston Partnership, was kind enough to send me Central Japan Railway Company's PowerPoint referred to below. Says Noriega, GHP just hosted Monday's event, which was attended, for the most part, by Harris County transpo officials. The purpose: to get their attention and attract their interest in a project the Japanese company says will be privately financed (for the most part) and built under the auspices of a U.S.-Japanese partnership called Lone Star High-Speed Rail LLC (which appears to have been incorporated out of a downtown Austin office in April).

Noriega cautions, as though necessary, that "this is very preliminary." Nevertheless, the presentation follows. Houston to Dallas High Speed Rail Presentation

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