'Cause My Heart, It Was Tim Gunn

Photos by Danny Fulgencio
Tim Gunn was up in Frisco last night, selling clothes (for Liz Claiborne and JCPenney) and books (Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work), at Stonebriar Centre Mall. From the sounds of our own Danny Fulgencio's account, the best part of Project Runway made it work and then some:
Tim Gunn seems as affable, as paternal in person as he does on television. He spoke of fashion without pretension and, for a man who smiled broadly and posed with fans for nearly two hours, he undoubtedly ranks among the world's greatest for having powerful cheek muscles.
More photos of the great Gunn follow. And, indeed, a slide show is here. Carry on.


Tim Gunn Book Signing 1.jpg

Picture-taking with Tim Gunn 2.jpg

Tim Gunn Close Up 1.jpg

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