Your Thursday Afternoon Eye Candy: "A Shift in Perception About the Imagery of Law Enforcement System"

A good Friend of Unfair Park who recalls that creepy Dallas County Sheriff's Department Squad Car Dashcam video sends along this freshly posted what-the-what: "Sequential Circuits," described as "a camera mounted on a police helicopter monitored the highways of Dallas" in which we see ...
"an ambulation of a motorcyclist constantly speeding, followed by the subjective camera. What we see is like cop look, a track with an invisible tracker. No flashing lights or sirens, only the fluid ride of a motorcycle on a highway super structure. Some surfing on the ocean, others surfing on ribbons of concrete."
And so on. I asked Patrick Michels what he thought: "Can't decide if it's more like the slowed-down Edith Piaf in Inception or sound effects from that 1970 half-animated version of The Phantom Tollbooth. It's got the rare happy ending to a police chase video too." Legalize it indeed.

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