Texas Rangers' Latest Court Filings Reveal That It Sure Does Pay to Be in First Place

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Patrick Michels
The Texas Rangers are out of Chapter 11 and Tom Hicks's hands, but that website devoted to the prepackaged bankruptcy remains alive and well weeks later. New filings are being added to Texas Rangers Baseball Partners Information Site every day, including two docs detailing how well the team's doing -- not only on the field but off.

As in: For the month of July, the Rangers pulled in $111,048,530 in net revenue -- an uptick "fueled by a slate of 17 home games," as The Wall Street Journal points out. After all expenses were paid (including $15 thou to Hicks and $132,000 to Nolan Ryan), the team still managed to rake in $3.5 mil in profit -- which is quite the turnaround from June's $4.826-million loss. (There were 13 home games in June, resulting, in part, in $78 million in revenue, much of which comes from ticket sales.)

You could spend the morning comparing and contrasting the court filings, including an early look at August, with the Deadspin docs, released last week, which reveal $11-million and $10-million losses during the last two seasons. Me, I found a new band name: The Hicks Overdraft.

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