Mike Modano to Return to the American Airlines Center in October. As a Detroit Red Wing.

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Patrick Michels
Regardless, Mike Modano and the missus can present at our Music Awards any time.
On June 22, the Dallas Stars released the 2010-'11 schedule. Among the highlights, per the release: "Oct. 14 vs. Detroit - The home opener vs. the hated Red Wings. It doesn't get any better than this." Well, yes. Yes, it does. Or worse, depending upon your perspective. Because when the Red Wings come to town October 14, they'll bring with them one Michael Thomas Modano Jr. of Livonia, Michigan, who confirmed to the Detroit Free Press last night via text that come Thursday, there will be a "big announcement." It's a one-year, $1.25-mil deal that will find the 40-year-old Modano centering the third line. No doubt we can all agree that somehow, this is Tom Hicks's fault.

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