Mary Suhm Tells the Council What Would Get Restored If There Was, In Fact, a Tax Hike

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Click to embiggen to see how much it'll cost in hiked taxes to restore services to parks, rec centers, street maintenance and libraries.
On the other side is this week's packet of memos sent to the city council and Mayor Tom Leppert last night, a little later than usual. It's a hefty stack, in large part because some council members had questions about Elgin B. Robertson Park, which Suhm has proposed selling to help balance the budget. But there are myriad items of interest, including a brief update on the Dallas County District Attorney's investigation into allegations of animal cruelty at the city shelter, which has promoted the city to hire outside counsel following further allegations of retaliation and harassment.

And then there's the chart you see above, in which Suhm spells out which services would be restored to the FY2010-11 budget just in case the council goes ahead with a tax increase -- anywhere from one cent to 4.93 (since, after Monday's council walkout, that's the cap). Suhm also notes that overestimated the costs of implementing the General Obligation commercial program by $800,000 -- and says that money should go toward reducing "the amount of debt that the City will issue for settlement of the EMS billing lawsuit with the federal government." 8-27-10 Memos

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