It's Balls to the Walls as City Moves Forward With Plan for Elm Fork Athletic Complex

Click to embiggen for a better look at the Elm Fork Athletic Complex, scheduled to open now in February 2012.
It's been a long while since we've gotten an update on the Elm Fork Athletic Complex -- you remember, that 20-field soccer complex the city's been pitching since the '98 bond election. Last I recall, construction on the $38.6-million, 140-acre project, located off Walnut Hill Lane just west of Stemmons, was supposed to start in the spring of '09 -- but so far, no nothing except an empty field of dreams just behind SpeedZone.

But tomorrow, the council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee will take a fresh look at the project that's funded, for the most part, with money from the '98, '03 and '06 bond elections and has a new start date on the calendar: January, with a finish-by date of February 2012. On the next to-do list -- acquiring the remaining 28 acres (via eminent domain, looks like) and putting out a request for bids. Check out the briefing -- looks like Starfleet Academy or Second Life, hard to say.

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