Is The Dallas News About to Duck Behind a Paywall? Well, That's What One Report Says.

Categories: Media
I just sent an e-mail to Dallas Morning News publisher and CEO Jim Moroney. I asked him one simple question: Is the paper about to start charging for some online content? Because that's what a report from something called News & Tech says this afternoon:
The Morning News' strategy will include walling off stories written by the paper's staff writers as well as content about the reader-favorite Dallas Cowboys. Associated Press and other wire service-generated stories would continue to be free and breaking news stories with fewer than 150 words would also be free, at least initially.
I expect Moroney will respond sooner than later; he's good that way. And I'll update with his response. But anyone who's been paying the slightest bit of attention knew this was coming one day. The report says that one day is six months off, if that.

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