Everything You Always Wanted to Know About FY2010-11 Budget Cuts But Were Afraid to Ask

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Well, that's not true. It's not everything -- just 29 Qs and As and a few handy-dandy exhibits provided by City Manager Mary Suhm in a memo distributed last night. And you didn't ask the questions -- the council did following the last budget workshop, another of which is scheduled for Monday as Suhm briefs the council about water utilities, sanitation services, Park and Rec's deep cuts and -- here we go --- Property Tax Rate: Legal Options and Discussion.

Most of the Q&A deals with rec center hours, park maintenance cutbacks, proposed library hours -- all the hits of the summer, as well as a few Qs you mighta been wondering about yourself ("Are we working with YMCAs or hotels for use of their pools?") and a list of departments taking the RIF hit. So jump already -- one of the more instructive City Hall docs in a long while, and we didn't even have to pay a consultant. 8-20 Memos to Council

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