Where's the Subsidized Housing in Dallas Located? Let's Go to the PowerPoint.

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Forthcoming, my very early-morning chat with Mayor Tom Leppert, during which we touched on, among other things, his call for a citywide fake-weed ban, the now-sidelined Dallas Watersports Complex and the fallout from Monday night's surprise announcement concerning Cliff Manor. But during the interview, I asked the mayor about concerns that so much of the supportive housing in Dallas is located in the southern sector.

"We want them spread throughout the community," he said. "I asked for a chart that says where they are -- and not just the permanent supportive housing units, but where the Dallas Housing Authority has affordable housing units funded by the city and federal funds. We'll get you that that." And he did: Chris Heinbaugh, the mayor's chief of staff, forwarded the PowerPoint you'll find after the jump. That's where the chart above comes from -- you'll find it on Page 5.

Said the mayor, the chart reveals that "the PSHs are better distributed than people think. People think there are 50 percent in one district. They're spread out much more than people think. It's not a north-south thing." Nevertheless, Dave Neumann's district clearly has the highest concentration of subsidized housing in the city. Subsidized Housing Data Report Final Draft July 29 at Four Thirty

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