It Would Appear the Former Preston Royal 7-Eleven Has New Bagel-Sellin' Tenant. Or Not.

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Yesterday, Rudy Bush mentioned that Doug's Gym on Commerce Street downtown is getting a new neighbor: a 7-Eleven, oh thank heavens. Should be open in late August or early September.

But before that, that former 7-Eleven in Preston Royal -- shuttered because, among other reasons, "it wasn't facing the street" -- is getting a new tenant. Drove by it the other day and saw life inside. Asked one of the workers what the what. The response: It's being converted into an Einsten Bros. and should open in a few weeks -- and, remember, you was warned.

I've been trying to get an Official Response from the company for the last 24 hours; spoke with two PR reps who've yet to confirm either way. (Of this much I am certain: The landlord has long been in talks with Einstein about taking the spot.) But, let's recap: No Kenny & Ziggy's in Preston Royal, but, instead, looks like, Einstein's.

Update at 5:11 p.m.: Interesting. A Henry S. Miller rep called back to say, yes, they have been talking with Einstein -- and "about 25 other possible" tenants -- for that space, but "no lease is signed at the moment. I'll let you know when one is." Hunh.
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