Bill Shatner's Coming to Town in October. You Khan Greet Him in His Star Trek II Uniform.

If I can sneak away this afternoon, I'm gonna cross Oak Lawn and visit Heritage Auction Galleries HQ -- just so's I can touch the hem of one Admiral James T. Kirk. The Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan costume worn by Bill Shatner, and since stored in the private collection of a prop-and-costume company owner, won't be in Dallas much longer: Heritage is about to ship it back to Los Angeles, where it'll be auctioned off July 16 for what Heritage expects will be somewhere north of $20,000.

"It's really cool," says Doug Norwine, who's in charge of the company's pop-culture auctions. "The top five Star Trek collectors in the world will be bidding on it. We sent it to collectors, the experts, who said this is a fantastic piece of history. And if they said it, you know you got something there."

Me, I can't afford it -- or, even, Mr. Spock's undershirt. But on a very related note, did you know William Shatner's scheduled to appear in Plano October 23? No? Now you do. Finally, I get a proper birthday celebration.

Update: I did indeed sneak a close-up peek at the costume. A photo follows. But, who knew the sleeves were so detailed? Even the little buttons, which you'd never see even on the big screen, have the insignia on 'em.

Alexander Flores

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