Dallas, a Top-Five Exportin' Town

Categories: Biz
This morning Pilgrim's Pride announced it'll be exporting chicken to Russia (my favorite Ramones bootleg, incidentally) from its Dallas plant -- good timing too, given that the Brookings Institution just released a report stressing the need for export growth in order to "boost competitiveness." The report also looked at the top exportin' U.S. cities -- and the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area (and why can't we all get along?) came in fourth, with 303,514 jobs related to the sending-stuff business in '08. The top product? "Computer and Electronics." Which are being sent, for the most part, to China. Says the study, "In the highly innovative category, Cleveland OH, Dallas TX, Palm Bay FL, Oxnard CA, San Jose, and Portland OR all export at least 13 percent of what they produce."

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