Dallas-Fort Worth: Addin' Jobs, Takin' Names

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Toothpaste for Dinner
This morning the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest look at employment and unemployment figures for Your Major Metropolitan Areas, and when they put the June '09 numbers next to the June '10 numbers, look at who comes out on top: "The largest over-the-year increases in employment occurred in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas (+27,300)."

To which the Buffalo Business Journal adds that DFW's also Top 2, behind Houston, when it comes to the number of private-sector gigs created between June '05 and last month, with 71,300 added. Interestingly, the bureau offers three separate breakdowns for the area: Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Dallas-Plano-Irving and Fort Worth-Arlington. So long, DFW; howdo, DPI?

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