At Last, Removing the Rubble on Greenville Ave.

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Back in May, Robert Miller -- the attorney representing building owner Jon duPerier in the litigation brought in April by Gregg Merkow, the insurance-less owner of Greenville Bar and Grill and Hurricane Grill -- told Unfair Park he didn't know when crews would begin clearing out the charred remains of those establishments, as well as Terilli's and Mick's. Alas, he said, that debris was evidence, and it needed to remain in place till investigators could sift through the rubble.

But, finally, four months after the early-morning fire that claimed the block, crews are on the scene to haul away the debris. WFAA's Cynthia Vega was on hand during the noontime broadcast to document clean-up expected to take a week. What then? I've got calls in to Miller, who's presently in a deposition. At the end of May DuPerier told Daniel "we hope to start building in three to four weeks." So, then, right on schedule.

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