You Know Who Doesn't Have the Fastest Mobile Network in Dallas? Hint: It's Based in Dallas.

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Two things I probably should replace sooner than later: car and cellphone. Got the former covered. As for the latter, I'm still considering T-Mobile's HTC HD2, a little more this morning than yesterday. That's because, per PC Magazine's just-released survey of the fastest mobile networks, T-Mobile comes in as the fastest in Dallas -- ya know, hometown of second-by-a-wide-margin AT&T? Still, AT&T did place first in six of the 18 markets tested by the magazine's editors. It's fast, fine. But also: AT&T's "the least consistent of the four nationwide networks." Hence its plan to make new users pay as they go. Or, technically: Suck it.

Right. Back to the PCMag survey. Here's what it says about Dallas:
AT&T and T-Mobile are having a fast-draw shootout in the old Texas style in Dallas, as both carriers pump up their HSPA networks to super-high speeds. T-Mobile won the crown thanks to their growing HSPA+ network. In four of the ten locations tested by Staff Editor Sean Ludwig, T-Mobile scored over 5 megabits, which pushed them past AT&T on overall speed. More towers would have widened the gap further.

Sprint, meanwhile, needs to work on their WiMAX in Dallas. Poor signal quality in our testing locations led to dropouts and slow speed results which were bested by two 3G carriers.

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