Six Flags Sends Pictures of Tony Romo on Some Rides. Neglects to Mention Chace Crawford.

True story. I just got through watching the trailer for Twelve, starring Chace Crawford as a drug dealer (hey now), when an e-mail from Sharon Parker, Six Flags Over Texas's publicist, arrived in the Unfair Park in-box. Headline: "Tony Romo Spends the Day at Six Flags Over Texas." She sent a short stack of pictures, and, sure 'nuff, there's the Cowboys QB on the Titan, the Shockwave, Batman: The Ride, Superman and so forth -- lucky. No mention of Chace Crawford, though he's in every photo.

Guess Parker didn't recognize Romo's girlfriend's brother. She probably doesn't watch Gossip Girls. Or read TMZ. Lucky. Unless that's not Chace. More pics follow. I don't know the other guy. Should I?


Romo throwing football.JPG

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