News & Notes: Hooray for the Ever-Expanding Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Blockbuster Keeps NYSE Listing and American's "YADA" Yada

U.S. Census Bureau
A little light lunchtime reading ...

To begin with, the U.S. Census Bureau released its population estimates today, and, as usual, Texas -- and the DFWA (as in, Arlington) -- fared bestest in all the land. "Star of the Sun Belt," says here. And that means you, Frisco and McKinney and Lewisville and Carrollton! Per USA Today, "From 2008 to 2009, 11 of the 25 fastest-growing cities that have populations above 100,000 people were in Texas." Course, we'll have to see how this shakes out when the 2010 Census results come in. You did turn in your form, right? ...

One thing Dallas do have: Blockbuster! And, speaking of, Christmas comes early on Thursday when us shareholders congregate downtown for the annual meeting (my first -- will there be some kind of initiation?). In advance of that, Jim Keyes and Co. send word today that despite earlier threats that the New York Stock Exchange might delist its stock, nope, there's a "confidential agreement" in place that'll keep it alive at least through at least September 2011. Stock's still sitting at 29 cents, a right bargain. ...

And, finally, Fort Worth-based American Airlines is debuting a new way to beat the line at the airport: Your Assistance Delivered Anywhere, or YADA, which consists of agents roaming the airport with handheld devices that'll spit out boarding passes. Dallas-Fort Worth International, but of course, is among the nine airports set to test the pilot program in October. Says AA spokeswoman Stacey Frantz, "Our agents are going to approach you." Are you threatening me?

Update: As several Friends of Unfair Park have noted, The New York Times has deleted its "San Diego's bigger than Dallas" proclamation. The item's been edited to reflect that. So: Take that, San Diego.

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