Monday Morning Time Kill: Did You Make the List of Dallas-Fort Worth's 500 Most Powerful?

That's Wick Allison in the middle; Schutze, at far right. One of them did not make the 500 most-powerful list. Hard to believe.
While I report out some more, um, substantial items, here's the perfect kick-start to your work week -- because, so I hear, everyone love lists. And the DFW Most Powerful -- based, so it says, on "thousands of hours of compiling" using "in-depth analysis and [a] proprietary algorithm ranking system" that weighs "power" based upon such factors as ""real-estate holdings," "household wealth," "business ownership," "celebrity," "charitable & political donations" and much more -- is the perfect penalty kill at this early hour. Quick, who's more powerful: Tom Leppert or Terry Bradshaw? Tom Hicks or Harold Simmons? Wick Allison or Craig Watkins? Norm Hitzges or Randy Galloway?

Who's behind it? A quick who-is says British Columbia but leads us to 214-based EFI Communications, owned and operated by one Eric Foster. The phone number on the e-mail that landed in the Unfair Park in-box was 903, in far northeast Texas, where the guy who answered the phone this morning said he just ran the Web site, didn't know who for, and that the boss was out of town. Powerful. Here's hoping you make the extended dance remix Most Powerful 1000 in September.

And I see the Most Expensive Homes list was added just this morning.

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