Good Guys, Not Good Ratings

If nothing else last night's Good Guys made me crave some of the city's best barbecue -- see Mac's sign behind Bradley Whitford.
Last night's episode of The Good Guys, "The Broken Door Theory," is on the other side for those who missed it -- and, says Uncle Barky, quite a few of you most definitely did not tune in. Writes Ed, the shot-here FOX series, which last night featured the Hotel Palomar and Clarice Tinsley and a quick glimpse of Mac's Barbecue, ain't doing so hot in the local ratings, drawing just 128,940 total viewers -- a significant drop-off from lead-in Lie to Me's 183,230. It came in behind CBS reruns.

The national numbers aren't in yet, but if you'll recall the pilot placed fourth when it sneak-peeked last month. FOX, of course, likes the show -- enough to extend its run from 13 to 20 episodes, which means cast and crew are at least scheduled to return in late August following a brief break once they wrap the initial order next month. But can Matt Nix's series hang on that long?

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