Dallas, You Are Very Charitable

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Charity Navigator
So says Charity Navigator today in a press release announcing The Most Charity-Conscious Cities in America -- we're right there at No. 3 on the highest-rated-cities list, so barely behind No. 1 Pittsburgh and No. 2 Houston (Houston). So, to all those who give till it hurts, a hearty mazel tov and muchas gracias are in order.

The results stem from the just-completed Metro Market Study 2010, wherein Charity Navigator ranks the top 30 cities that account for 55 percent of the 5,500 charities took a look-see at up till May 1. And while we all know why Dallas did so well -- it's our big hearts, which isn't the same as our enlarged hearts -- there was some actual math involved in the tabulatin': "The study revealed that regional factors, such as the cost of living, a market's maturity and a city's tendency to support one or two specialized causes, greatly influence the ability of the charities in each city to raise money and manage costs."

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