Two Weeks Before Its Debut, Two Behind-the-Scenes Looks at FOX's The Good Guys

I did not know you could park next to Henry Moore's Vertebra in Three Pieces in front of City Hall.
Surely you're aware by now: The Good Guys, filming here till July, makes its sneak-premiere two weeks from tonight at 7 on FOX. From the sound of the e-mails we get almost every day, most of the Friends of Unfair Park have had at least one run-in with the show; there's probably not a part of town left in which they haven't shot something (or someone).

Till now, all we've seen are a few short promos (the most recent of which follows). But today, FOX has posted to the show's Official Web Site two behind-the-scenes clips with cast (including Etsy Dallas Spring Bash shopper Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks) and crew and creators, both of which run almost two minutes and were made by a local crew. One is titled "La Leyenda Del Bigote (The Legend Of the Moustache)"; the other, simply, "Trans Am."

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