That's Not An Eyesore. That's Evidence. Or: Charred Remains to Remain For a While.

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Daniel Rodrigue
Daniel will be along shortly with notes from an Avi-free meeting last night of Lower Greenvillians, but till then, here's an update concerning Tuesday's post about the charred ruins formerly known as Terilli's, Mick's, Greenville Bar and Grill and Hurricane Grill. I finally spoke with Robert Miller, the attorney repping building owner Jon duPerier in the litigation brought last month by Gregg Merkow, the insurance-less owner of Greenville Bar and Grill and Hurricane Grill. And since the case is in litigation, Miller chose his words carefully.

But he did want to say this: DuPerier "wants to start the rebuilding process as soon as possible," he told Unfair Park. "I am confident in that statement."

But Miller can't say when that'll happen ("there is no time line"). And he can't specifically address reasons for the delay. But generally?

"Generally, in fire litigation pieces of evidence like a charred piece of wood or a melted piece of plastic in a certain place can be very important to the fire investigator and recovery experts as to the cause of the fire and how it progressed," Miller says. "Things that look like insignificant evidence -- the depth of char, its location in a residence -- to good fire scene investigators, what seem to be innocuous things can be huge clues to what happened."

In other words, it's going to be there a while.

"I can tell people that Jon is concerned about it and wants it done as quickly as he can," Miller says, "as long as he's being responsible about how it's done."

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