Running Down Some of the Biggest Problems About Trying to Bike to Work in Dallas

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Surely you need no reminder to attend the Dallas Bike Plan Open House this evening at City Hall -- 5 to 8 p.m., if you haven't already written it on the cover of your Trapper Keeper. By way of a ramp-up, I direct your attention to Patrick "Car-Free" Kennedy's Web site, where a guest blogger, local architect Ryan DiRaimo, writes about how effing hard it is to commute to work on his Huffy (it's probably not a Huffy) and why it shouldn't be that way. He also knows how Dallas drivers feel about those who dare to two-wheel it to work: "Yes, I ride my bike. Or, should I say I am the pimple that the city of Dallas drivers can't seem to rid themselves."

As with most everything on Walkable Dallas-Fort Worth, worth a read. But, spoiler alert, let's get to the meat of the matter before saddling up for this evening's wingding:
A city shouldn't have to "get used" to alternative, healthy forms of transportation. This city needs bike lines, a plan for nearby residents to commute safely to downtown, and a real conscience about promoting healthy commuting for a city known for the opposite. I am not Lance Armstrong, but I also don't want to be that dead squirrel on the pavement.

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