Parrotheads Descend Upon Frisco With Golf Carts For This Weekend's Biggest Bash

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Photos by Sam Merten
So close, yet so far away: Folks were at a standstill this morning waiting to park in the fields right next to where they were trapped.
It may seem premature for thousands of Jimmy Buffett fans to flood the gates of Frisco's Pizza Hut Park on the Friday morning before a Saturday night show, but Buffett concert veteran Chuck Roberts knows the payoff is first dibs at primo tailgating spots.

We found Roberts, a police officer from Wichita Falls, preparing to unload his golf cart as others waited for the gates to open. And just what the heck is he doing with a golf cart? It's all about accessing the massive party grounds surrounding the stadium.

"Last year they let people drive around in ATVs and that kind of stuff -- anything motorized -- but now they've limited it to golf carts," he says.

Probably a good thing, we both agreed, considering the amount of alcohol consumption on the premises.

Like many of those lined up today -- which included license plates from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee and Arkansas -- Roberts will be staying in an RV for a couple nights. RV parking sets you back a harsh $120 per night compared to $30 for cars.

This is Buffett's fourth-consecutive gig at Pizza Hut Park, and Roberts has been to each one, along the 2004 concert at Texas Stadium. So what's the draw?

"The atmosphere. The tailgating," he says. "I like the music, but it's really laid back."

Laid back, as in parties until 3 or 4 in the morning with booze flowing, carnivals and live bands. Oh, and tricked-up ways to get drunk really fast.

"Last year there was an ice sculpture of a naked woman with alcohol coming out of her boobs," he says.

Roberts stresses that he's never seen a fight break out, but he warned a first-timer that's joining him and some of his fellow cops that he has no idea what to expect.

"I told him it ain't gonna be like a NASCAR event," he says. "Just drop by on Saturday night. You'll be astonished by what you'll see."

Roberts' transportation for this weekend.

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