Note to Park and Rec: Now Might Be a Good Time to Scrub Down Trammell Crow's Cows

Speaking of the Trinity River and the levees (though, really, when are we not?) ...

Late Saturday afternoon, the 6-year-old who lives in my house and I were heading home after a long day spent digging through dusty relics in the Antiques and Design District. I'd wanted to check out Lula B's West, the boy loves those animal skulls on display at Lost Antiques on IndustrialRiverfront, and last weekend's vendors' street fair seemed like an ideal time to kill some time.

Anyway. On the way home I had the bright idea of heading down to Trammell Crow Lake at Trinity Park on Sylvan Avenue. Maybe we'd toss around the football in the cool evening air after a few hours spent soaking up all the musty we could manage. Instead, we just marveled at how, from a distance, marble cows covered in graffiti look rather lifelike from a distance.

The boy also wanted to know if "Shmux," scribbled here on poor Elsa, was the same word Mommy occasionally calls Daddy.

More pics after the jump. The ghost of Trammell Crow -- and the women in his family for whom the cows are named -- is not amused.



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