News & Notes: Back to Paddling, Golf With a Porn Star, More Good Guys and the Sex Pistols

Bradley Whitford in Deep Ellum in The Good Guys pilot
A few Friday follow-ups, beginning with:

ABC News has picked up on Gilbert Leal's mission to bring paddling back to the Dallas Independent School District -- despite the fact that the school board and the super ain't too interested in handing out swats, sorry. Besides, says the exec director of the Center for Effective Discipline, it just don't work: "They paddle the same kids over and over, and they are more often boys, more often children with disabilities, poor children or minorities." ...

[Update at 4:30 p.m.: Leal just called and said he's been fired by the DISD after his two-month tenure as a TAKS tutor at Connor Elementary. "They said this topic that I generated was causing too much talk amongst the teachers, and they felt that was a distraction," he says. "I just think that they're scared and they don't need someone generating a policy their school board is 100 percent against." I've asked Jon Dahlander, DISD spokesman, for a comment.]

But you know who kinda doesn't mind the rough stuff? Joslyn James, star of The Eleventh Hole (sweet fancy Moses) and the Tiger Woods galpal who leaked those sexts. Just got an e-mail from Michael Precker at The Lodge who says you too can walk the course with James and Tori Black at the First Annual Tiger Tail Tournament on May 28 out at Cedar Crest Country Club. Admission's $150, preferably all in ones. There will, of course, be pole dancing ... pardon, pole dancing instruction. My bad. ...

You know what's not bad, not bad at all? The Good Guys pilot. Finally saw it Wednesday night, and long story short: Very Dallas-y, down to the use of the word "Dallas" every 2.4 minutes on average. Didn't know there was a pawn shop next to Cowboy Chow in Deep Ellum; then again, till the FOX series came to town, there wasn't a police station inside the Food & Fiber Building at Fair Park either. I'll review closer to its sneak-preview date on May 19, but till then, here's a lengthy interview with show creator Matt Nix in which the man also behind Burn Notice says, among other things:
Dallas is incredibly film-friendly; they were incredibly welcoming. I'll never forget my first scout where I asked if we could, I jokingly asked if we could shut down a downtown street to do a bank robbery scene. The scout turned to me and said, "You can shut down this street and you can shut down the street up there. You can shut down the crosswalk; can't shut down the highway over there." I was like, "All righty then, are you serious?" And he was like, "Yes, yes, no problem." You can crash it; you can blow something up, whatever you want. People were incredibly film-friendly and the city just has a great look for a cop show so that was very exciting to me as well.
And, finally, a Friend of Unfair Park sends word that the WFAA-Channel 8 piece on the Sex Pistols' Longhorn Ballroom show, which I posted back in '06 before it was yanked, has resurfaced yet again. It's after the jump. But get to it pronto, before it disappears yet again.

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