Before Giants of the Savanna Opens, Dallas Zoo Introduces Elephants to Their New Home

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Kevin Todora
Jenny and Gypsy, now in their new home at the Dallas Zoo
Early this morning, Dallas Zoo officials sent word that they'd moved all six elephants to the  Giants of the Savanna habitat, which officially opens to the public Memorial Day weekend, and maybe we'd like to come take some pictures. So we sent our Kevin Todora to take a peek at Mamma, Stumpy, Gypsy, Kamba, Congo and our old friend Jenny.

Says Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo's exec director, "They're older elephants, but very active. That's why we call them our Golden Girls." The late Bea Arthur would not be amused. Nevertheless, Lynn Kramer, deputy director, says they're surprisingly playful in their new environs.

Here it is: slide show!

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