Are Vonciel Hill and Carolyn Davis About to Call Out the Mayor? (Update: Apparently Not.)

Sam Merten
DMN'er Rudy Bush thought I was taking a picture of him walking into the meeting, but I assured him I was merely capturing City Manager Mary Suhm with a smile on her face, which he agreed is rare these days given the city's $130 million budget shortfall.
The second meeting of the city council's Love Field Concessions Committee is underway, and co-chair Ron Natinsky just told Assistant City Manager A.C. Gonzalez, who was giving the committee an "easel presentation," that his posters were merely larger representations of last week's briefing that he gave to the committee. As they've moved on to comments from committee members -- most notably those who weren't heard from last time (Vonciel Hill and Bob Montgomery of Southwest Airlines) -- Hill has just expressed her concerns about "misinformation that has been presented to the public."

My sources tell me that she's prepared to discuss her concerns about Mayor Tom Leppert's potential conflict given his close relationship with consultant Willis Johnson, who's representing Concessions International. Both Johnson and Concessions International have previously told Unfair Park that the Atlanta-based company has no interest in the concessions contracts at Love Field Airport if they were to be opened up.

I've also heard that Carolyn Davis, who has mentioned the Pappadeaux and Pappasito's contracts at D/FW Airport at previous council and committee meetings, is prepared to mention Leppert's November 2007 yes vote on those no-bid contracts as a member of the D/FW Airport board.

Stay tuned; this could get juicy.

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