Well, At Least Erykah Badu's Naked Video Won't Harm Dealey Plaza's Reputation

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The Onion News NetworkThe Associated Press just posted its breathless report on the brouhaha over Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" striptease, which has become the Zapruder film of 2010. AP, why the headline: "Dallas Residents Stunned Over Erykah Badu Video"? Shouldn't it have been: "Two Tourists Who Don't Know Who Erykah Badu Is Offended Over Something They Didn't See Till AP Reporter Showed Them"?

If nothing else, every time I feel bad about pestering DowntownDallas president John Crawford with a silly question, I'll remember the time the AP asked him if a naked celebrity could somehow harm the reputation of the stretch of downtown cement where John Kennedy was murdered. Says WFAA this evening, Erykah could be rewarded with a disorderly conduct charge for her work promoting Dallas better than the CVB ever did. Does that mean I can file a complaint about the "One More Thing" video? Because I will.

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