The Game Changer? In Four Minutes, the Past, Present and Future of Wonderview.

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Joe Cavagnaro in front of the city council Wednesday
Steve Thompson's been kind enough throughout the afternoon to offer Dallas City New Network video highlights from today's council meeting -- specifically, the part dealing with Mark Cuban's proposed Wonderview development in Oak Cliff. Here's what Mayor Tom Leppert had to say; Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway also has high praise and high hopes for the 187-acre development.

But I did want to borrow the bit starring Joe Cavagnaro, the former Stream Realty partner who's acting as agent for Wonderview. (Update: Thompson has yanked the embedding feature for this video, which doesn't seem terribly neighborly. So now you'll have to go here to see the video.) In his four-minute presentation, Cavagnaro outlines a brief history of the proposed project -- he says land acquisition began four years ago -- and says "a key element -- a cornerstone, if you will -- will be working with the Heroes Foundation in developing a multitude" of athletic fields "with the idea of creating a community where one can ... work, play, live, shop, do business and raise a family all in one."

And that's just for starters.

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