So, How Amazing Was Mike Modano's (Maybe) Final Game at the AAC?

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Mike Modano told us Wednesday: He won't know whether he's retiring till, most likely, July -- after he turns 40 and around the time the training camp bell rings. And there are myriad other factors at work as well, among them whether or not there's a new owner in place who wants him around (unless, of course, he winds up with a piece of the team or is offered a management position). All he knew for sure Wednesday was that his maybe-could-be-possibly final game as a Dallas Star at the American Airlines Center was going to be "a little tough to handle."

Not so tough he couldn't rack up a few final points -- including the oh-my-God shootout winner -- in the 3-2 victory over Anaheim. But tough enough, as evidenced by the video above. There may be no crying in baseball. But in hockey? Pass the hankie.

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