NYTimes Takes Long, Loving Look Philip Johnson House Built in Dallas in '64

The New York Times has just posted a tribute to the Preston Hollow manse Philip Johnson designed in the early 1960s for Henry and Patricia Beck -- which, for those interested in a lengthy history-of, is prominently featured in the book Philip Johnson & Texas by Frank Welch. Patty put the place on the market almost a decade ago, after the building contractor and his wife divorced. Writes Pilar Viladas, the 12,000-square foot replica of Johnson's Lake Pavilion (on the grounds of his Glass House in Connecticut) "was showing its age."

Which is when the new owners called in Dallas architectural firm Bodron+Fruit to give it an extreme makeover without turning it into the proverbial time capsule. The result, says The Times: "what could have been monumental and chilly ... is as comfortable as it is glamorous."

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