It's Official, Finally: Coming to a Cotton Bowl Near You, the Dallas Football Classic

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Dallas Football Classic officials were in Arizona this week making their final pitch-presentation to NCAA officials. You remember that game, right? New Year's Day? 11 a.m. kick-off? Beginning this January? At the Cotton Bowl? Pits the No. 6 team in the Big Ten against a rotating cast of cast-offs from the Big 12 and Conference USA? Right, that one. Calls are in to the NCAA following this just freshly minted, just-arrived missive from Mayor Tom Leppert's chief o' staff, Chris Heinbaugh:
Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, members of the Dallas City Council and Park Board and local business leaders will meet at the Cotton Bowl for a news conference this morning. They'll be reacting to the official addition of the Dallas Football Classic to the NCAA's college football bowl lineup.
Sweet fancy Moses, I hope they don't dance.

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