In Case You Were Wondering Where The Good Guys Is Set, a New Publicity Still

good guys promo.jpg
That's what I get for not watching American Idol: A Friend of Unfair Park, who suggested I become a fan of The Good Guys on Facebook (and ... done), sends word that a promo for the FOX series starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks as Dallas cops aired during the talent show last week. First I'd heard of it; Merritt too, despite the fact she has to watch the Idol, poor girl. It's certainly not online; I've looked (and I see on Facebook that Dallas Film Commissioner Janis Burklund asked FOX to "please post the promo video"). But Clarice Tinsley loved it!

Anyway. I've asked the network for a copy of the promo; the series's ace PR man is looking into it. Curious to see how The Good Guys looks so far, with a few months left on the shooting schedule and a month before the May 19 preview. Till then, all we have are some just-posted promo pics -- taken during our visit to the Fair Park set  the first weekend in February.

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