From the Lewis Wickes Hine Archives, a Rare Photo of Dallas Children at Play

Lewis Wickes Hine
The cutline, written by Hine himself: "Group of children in the kindergarten school composed of the cotton mill people. Even during the play the mill is ever in the background. Dallas Cotton Mill. Location: Dallas, Texas."
Ever since we mentioned that Massachusetts historian Joe Manning has been tracking down the Dallas newsies and other child laborers captured by Lewis Wickes Hine in Dallas in October 1913, several Friends of Unfair Park and other passersby have mentioned that, sure enough, that's their mother-in-law's uncle or so-and-so's second cousin or his and her great-grandmother. And Manning's still at it: Just this morning he sent word that he tracked down the obit for 6-year-old newsie Collins Odell McDuffey, who died at 81 after retiring as a tire dealer. Not only that: Manning found his stepson. The man's a dogged detective. Amazing.

The historian has also located in the Library of Congress vaults Hine's Texas file, which hasn't been published. Yet.

As always, click to embiggen the picture. It should be a book cover. One of my favorites from the estimable and invaluable Hine collection.

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