A Snapshot Look at Dallas's Latest Crime Stats Before DPD Chief Kunkle Retires

Categories: Crime
Pretty sure one of us will be at City Hall this afternoon as the council finally gets back from its three week leave of absence. Though about hitting up Landmark Commission for a slice of Bama Pie, but if nothing else it might be worth a visit to the Public Safety Committee meeting, where, for one of the final times before his retirement, Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle will provide council members with the latest crime numbers -- some of which, from the look of the chart above, appear to be on the rise. (Especially in the "pop-star public nudity" category.)

Or are they? That's hard to say based upon the crime report given to council 'round this time last year, where the YTD numbers on March 31, 2009, were significantly higher in each category, but everything registered a major decline. Thanks goodness The News asked the chief candidates how they feel about the Uniform Crime Reporting program. We never would have thought of that.

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