You Know, What Dallas Has Always Needed Is An All-Ronald Reagan Station

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Several Friends of Unfair Park who like their oldies (and their terrestrial radio, same difference) are wondering what in the what is up with KPMZ-FM, otherwise known as Platinum 96.7. Because up until a short while ago it appeared the station had gone back to playing country. Only now, when you dial up the frequency and go to the Web site, the former-and-former-again Twister had been spun into ... Reagan Radio 96.7? All Reagan speeches all the time. I've got calls into Citadel Broadcasting Corporation to see what's going on. If nothing else, Sam, your prayers have been answered?

Update at 4:10 p.m.: OK, so the woman to whom I just spoke at Platinum 96.7 says, yes, sorry, Ron Chapman is out. And Ronnie's in ... at least till 5 in the morning on Monday. "We're changing formats," she said, "and we will announce it Monday morning."

Update to the Update: It'll be a WBAP simulcast. "With crystal-clear FM fidelity." Amazing.

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